Our Philosophy | Mitchell Putlack Interiors | Chicago

At Mitchell Putlack Interiors, Inc., we believe that the perfect interior is a reflection of the individual client. We collaborate with you through a team effort to bring your personal aesthetic to life, working closely with you, your architect and contractors to provide a home that is uniquely yours.

We begin with a discussion of your tastes, lifestyle, needs and functional requirements. This allows us to bring your design dreams to fruition while responding to your budgetary constraints. Throughout your design project we continue this dialogue with a focus on sense of proportion, color, concepts of function and relationship of form. Moreover, we take pride in our education, experience, reputation and above all, our honesty and conviction to accomplish a finished product of comfort and beauty for each client’s home. This philosophy has led to long-standing relationships with all of our clients.

It is our mission to help make each client feel that their home was designed specifically for them, for their needs, and with their lifestyle in mind. Whether this is a household with children that needs their home refitted to hold enough storage for their active lifestyles, or a couple who loves to entertain and throw parties, we are happy to help you design the home that meets your specific needs. We do such high class and durable redesigning and decorating because we understand that our clients want to use the best interior decorating services they possibly can. Whether you are operating on a budget or have none, we will do our best to ensure that all of your needs are covered and your expectations are met by the time we are through.

Why do we take such care and dedication to understand our clients and get to know them? The obvious answer is that if we do, they will will find the right aesthetics and be able to redesign the rooms or home that we are being contracted for to the best extent possible. Your dream home and rooms are our business and it is something that we take pride in, being able to make our client’s lives and homes more convenient and comfortable.