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lakefront-cottage-interior-design-mitchell-putlack-chicago-illinoisWelcome to Mitchell Putlack Interiors, Inc. You have found us because you are looking for an interior decorator, and have either done a search for one, or been referred to us by someone you know who has used our design services. In either case, we would like to welcome you to one of the best interior design firms in Chicago, Illinois and express our hope that you will find our rates refreshing and our quality of work impeccable and something that you absolutely should not pass up.

Please, look through our online portfolio or schedule a consultation to look at some of the more recent work we have done.

north-shore-luxurious-interior-design-mitchell-putlack-chicago-illinoisAt Mitchel Putlack Interiors, Inc, we pride ourselves on being forward thinkers in interior decorating who can mix different aesthetics to great effect. Our first priority is you, our valued client. We will do everything possible to bring your dreams of the ideal decor that fits your personal style to life! And this takes getting to know our clients’ personal tastes and preferences.

One of the first things you will experience with us is a very comprehensive interview where we do our best to get to know your personal style and what you are looking for in your ideal home, or a specific room in your home. It is with this consultation that we are able to do a superior job for you. Without actually speaking to our clients and determining what they would like from their homes, it would be careless of us to just go in and do work expecting them to like it.

Be prepared to give us a fair bit of time, and love the results of your contracted interior decorating.

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